A Maharajah, a Professor, and the Emperor of the Universe

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These collage pieces will be featured at Arlesienne Monica Da Silva’s art show:

“A Maharajah, a Professor, and the Emperor of the Universe.”

Ginger Rubio Salon , 600 Shotwell St, San Francisco, California,

Sunday, August 10  2:00pm – 9:00pm.

Big Moni Luv’s Valentine Line 2014

Jewelry Available Now (Non 504)

The 504 Line of Fine Jewelry Pendants

These are now currently available … 99.9% Silver, 100% Love.

Custom Order For Mary ….

These are custom pieces I did for my childhood friend Mary, of her late father’s signature.   She ordered 6 last Christmas… when her mom saw them she wanted one as well!   Mary, the good daughter that she is, gave the one off her neck!

The first heart you see is the “replacement” heart.  I can’t describe what a joy it was making these wonderfully personal and sentimental custom pieces.

99.99% Pure Silver, 100% Love !

Wish Candles

Make A Wish … Light the Candle ….

And if you really, really want it, the answer is always yes ….

Silver Jewelry 15

99.99% Pure Silver, 100% Love ! SOLD

Carnival Angel